The Marin Women's Study: a Collaborative Breast Cancer Research Study

The Marin Women's Study (MWS) is a unique breast cancer research study that grew directly out of efforts by the Marin community to better understand what were, at the time, breast cancer rates that were higher than other areas and rising.  With little data to understand what could be behind the rates, the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services partnered with our legislators, community members and advocates, and local and national researchers to evaluate existing data and design a study to answer the most pressing questions. The MWS was created, and became the only prospective study in Marin County to link individual risk factors with biospecimens and breast cancer outcomes.

Between late 2006 - early 2010, all Marin residents receiving mammograms (both screening and diagnostic) were invited to join the Marin Women's Study.  We now have over 13,000 women enrolled in the Marin Women's Study, and have created a data resource that can be used to answer questions relevant to breast cancer in Marin and in women in general.

Thank you to all the women in Marin who have taken the time to become part of this landmark breast cancer research study. Your participation will benefit generations!