Community Voices

Quotes about the Marin Women’s Study from Key Community Leaders

The Marin County Department of Health & Human Services has taken a remarkable leadership role in coordinating the Marin Women’s Study. An outstanding collaboration of researchers and medical providers, the Study is critical towards helping identify risk factors associated with the causes for and the prevention of breast cancer. I am proud to be a partner with the Marin Women’s Study and will continue to work to secure further federal funding for these vital research efforts.
—Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey

The Marin Women’s Study is a vital step in the process of finding a cause and a cure for breast cancer. I would like to commend the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services for their leadership role in developing this study and to thank the many partner agencies and individuals involved in the study for their ongoing efforts to research, inform, support, and provide access to treatment for cancer patients in our community.  
Assemblyman Joe Nation

I am so pleased to see this breast cancer research project moving forward in Marin County.  This important work offers insight into the risk factors associated with this horrible disease.  As a United States Senator, I have worked for many years to secure federal funding for this and other research efforts. I will continue to lend my support as this next phase of study begins.
— Senator Barbara Boxer

The Marin Women’s Study is an impressive collaboration between our Department of Health and Human Services, research, academic and medical institutions and community based organizations in Marin to further understand how breast cancer risk is influenced by lifestyle and biologic factors and how these factors interrelate.  For better or worse, we are probably the best test tube in the country.  We expect we will find some important pieces to the puzzle through this study, as well as a multitude of new questions.
—Supervisor Cynthia Murray

At last!  An opportunity for the women of Marin to do something about breast cancer in this County. I look forward to full participation from the many concerned women of Marin, and the results of this effort, which I am sure, will break new ground!
—Mary Mockus, M.D., Surgeon
Kaiser Permanente

Discoveries about breast cancer causation in Marin have relevance to communities across the country; that’s what makes the Marin Women’s Study such an important effort. Gathering information that can help us clearly identify Marin lifestyle risk factors and better understand gene-environment interactions that also play a role in this disease are key goals of this study, and essential to our future breast cancer prevention efforts. I am honored to be involved in the Study and look forward to working with the tremendous team of collaborators who have come together to undertake the next phase of breast cancer research in our county.
—Christopher Benz, M.D., Professor and Program Director
Cancer and Developmental Therapeutics
Buck Institute for Age Research

The American Cancer Society applauds the efforts of the Marin Women’s Study because we consider breast cancer research an extremely high priority. And we realize that there are highly divergent views about the cause of the high rates of breast cancer in Marin County and other Bay Area communities. That’s why it’s so important that the community – organizations like the American Cancer Society, researchers, public officials, cancer patients, health professionals, government agencies, and concerned residents – come together to support the Study. Together, with the efforts of community and advocacy, we hope that research, such as the Marin Women’s Study, will help find the answers that we all seek about the causes of breast cancer.
—Linda Campbell, Director of Community Services
Marin County American Cancer Society, California Division, Inc.

The Marin Women’s Study will build on previous research on breast cancer in women living in Marin County. It will create a rich database that will help us learn more about preventable risk factors associated with the development of breast cancer. The database will be used by physicians and scientists to further advance our understanding of environmental and genetic factors and the role they play in breast cancer at all stages of life. As an organization that involves the community in the research process, Marin Breast Cancer Watch encourages Marin residents to actively participate in the Study.
—Janice Barlow, Executive Director
Zero Breast Cancer (formerly the Marin Breast Cancer Watch)

Breast cancer touches almost every woman’s life in Marin. The Marin Women’s Study is a tremendous opportunity for us to participate in helping clarify how aspects of our lifestyle might place us at increased risk for breast cancer. An exciting part of this work will involve evaluating gene-environment links. The Marin Women’s Study has an incredible team that will reach out to include all the women in our community. This is such an important study.
— Francine Halberg, M.D., Radiation Oncologist
Marin Cancer Institute at Marin General Hospital